Spohn Solutions

Content Strategy/UX Design/UI Design


Spohn is a Security Consulting company offering services like security testing for hospitals to Fortune 500 companies. They do white hat hacking to make sure information secure. Instead of offering a computer-generated one size fits all scans, a real person tests the system.

I was the sole designer on this project and worked in a team for content strategy. This project was completed while working with Fahrenheit Marketing.


More Solutions Less Jargon

Spohn's site was filled with pages and pages of technical information. Most of Sphon's competitors were taking this approach as well. However, not all users are IT professionals. After looking at Google Analytics, the most looked at page was information about HIPPA Compliance. A significant amount of users were in the medical field, so overwhelming them with IT jargon is not the right approach. We decided to simplify the homepage to explain what they do and who they are. We simplified internal pages and shortened content.

Content Strategy

Find Vulnerabilities Before Hackers Do

I wrote the banner tagline. This tagline sums up what Sphon offers in simple terms. I worked within a team to write CTA's for pages with high traffic. Sphon originally had an SEO company write in keywords, even though they did not fit. I optimized the content for readability even though Sphon’s contract did not include Internal Page designs. I wrote the homepage content based on existing content.

Wireframe and Sitemap


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