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Grastek is a grass allergy immunotherapy medication. This medication gives the patient small doses of the grass allergen over time to eventually make the patient immune to the allergy. Grastek is the only immunotherapy medication approved for children. 

The patent was acquired by our client and we were tasked design and develop the site within 60 days.  After that, the site will be turned off. 

This project was completed while working with Fahrenheit Marketing.


Our personas were not only patients but immunotherapists and doctors. Taking this into consideration, we had break the site into two different sections. One with information for providers, the other with information for doctors. 

Here some goals explored for the site.

Help me understand how to take Grastek.

How can we easily explain what Grastek is and how to take the medication? 

Help me understand why I should take Grastek.

How can we highlight that Grastek is shotless, can be taken at home, and approved for children?

Help me learn how to prescribe Grastek to my patients. 

How can we present prescribing information clearly? 

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