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Firmspace is a communal workspace for professionals such as Lawyers and Accountants. A team of developers and I made a robust web/mobile app for their residents to book conference rooms and participate in the community through a social feed and events. Also, the app allows Firmspace employees to assign spaces, create contracts, moderate the feed and reservation. 

The web app successfully launched September 2017, allowing Firmspace and their residents to easily organize and manage day to day business. 

This project was completed while working with Fahrenheit Marketing.


Since the app has so many features, I began by finding the personas of all the users. Firmspace calls their residents Partners. The personas included single Partners with one office along with Partners with offices for their employees, virtual Partners who just have a mailbox and day users. The Employee personas included management and sales.

I began by listing out all of the features each persona needed. I held brainstorming sessions with my coworkers further discuss our personas needs. From there, I took the features and created an information architecture that broke down each page of the app and what you will do on the page. 

I also created user flows for the onboarding and create a contract pages. Once these processes were established we tested them on the Firmspace employees to further refine the process. 

The results were a well thought out system that simply broke down each page into three categories, community, tools, and personal account information. 

Site Architecture

Onboarding User Flows

Partner Social Feed and Book a Room

Employee Manage Spaces and Contract Creation

Mobile Mockups

Style Guide

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