Elite CEU Website

UX Design/UI Design


Elite CEU offers online classes for technical professionals such as Locksmiths and Electricians. Most of their programs offer state-required certifications. They came to us because their current site was hard to navigate and was confusing to their users.

This project was completed while working with Fahrenheit Marketing. I worked on the wireframes for the entire site along with the internal page designs such as the course catalog and check out process. 


We created personas based on their customer base which included an older less tech-savvy user. I researched successful check out processes and streamlined how Elite could make their check out process easier. I decided to focus on new ways for users to search and find their specific course. Also, I successfully pitched a redesign of their dashboard so current users can easily locate and track which classes they need to take.

The redesign resulted in a more user-friendly shopping experience that increased traffic and sales.   

Home and Dashboard Wireframes

Checkout Process

Dashboard Mockup

Course Catalog

Product Page

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